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New Website Version
August 31, 2005, 01:52:32 PM by rumbi.
OK, made this default. I'm not quite finished, but this page is now advanced enough to be made the official default.
August 31, 2005, 01:51:22 PM by rumbi.
Added Legal link. Colouring works in Firefox 1.0.4, Opera 7.54 and Konqueror 3.4.1, don't know about IE.
Session-Management (update)
August 31, 2005, 01:44:02 PM by rumbi.
Session management doesn't work on SourceForge.
August 31, 2005, 01:43:36 PM by rumbi.
Added simple session management.
IE-Problems (update)
August 31, 2005, 12:58:34 PM by rumbi.
I have now found the problem through some trial&error. MSXML doesn't like <script src="" type="" /> tags which are legal XML.

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