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About this project

This project has been superseded by GGC!

How this project was started

This project was started end of October 2003 in the Deutsche
  Flagge Diabetes-Zentrum Bad Mergentheim. I originally only wanted to improve my knowledge of Java and to overcome the (ocasionally occuring) boredom.

The first aims of this project

These aims were accomplished in version 1.0.0. The online-version might be faulty, since I had some problems with the Apache-Ant buildscript. They have now been rectified, but since I'm very busy, so I have neither done any tests nor uploaded those corrected files to SourceForge.

Further developments of this project

Since I was/am aware that nobody wants to start a PC, only to calculate IUs, I decided to redesign the project. I will try to develop a completely plugin-based diabetes manager.

The new aims of this project

I'm planning to convert the calculator into a diabetes-manager based on a plugin architecture (similar to that of Eclipse). If somebody would do this for me, I would add a unique Look&Feel to the manager.

The future


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