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I use a very light-weight, home-made CMS-like construct for displaying this site's contents. Basically, there is the toplevel index.php ( which only forwards the browser to eiter the english or the german version (and does some other minor things not worth mentioning).

Click here for the source of the toplevel index.php.

The individual versions are equivalent except for the language-specific parts, but since I have to be able to edit this site's content without an active internet connection, they don't reside in a database (which would be a lot more efficient). For each version, there is an individual index.php with a similar structure.

Click here for the source of the english index.php.

This index.php does the main content managing. It loads the contents.php which is a hardcoded list of contents (again, this could be done a lot more efficiently, if I used a database).

Click here for the source of contents.php.

It then loads the currently selected page (see below for a list of pages) or a default. Finally, it displays a visitor count.

Visitor count: 11961